Happy New Years 2010

We went to the Koster's this year and had a sleepover it was a lot of FUN!!!!
The Kids participating in Fondue

I bought this Michael Jackson shirt for Brian to wear and told him it was the theme of the party. He asked why I was not wearing one? Then we got to the party and he was the only one wearing this shirt, but then Darin showed up!

New Jamies For Winter


It's only Pastor Don Brooklyn!!

Christmas Fun

Logan's barn he got from Santa! The kids enjoyed playing with it, mostly Brooklyn.
Logan's Christmas Program at School!

Hanging out with Friends

Brooklyn I think you are too big for Brayden's car seat!

Christmas Parade

The Hudsonville Parade. These are the reindeers they had there. We went with the Rotman's.

Just Hangin Out

Fire Station Field Trip

Logan's second fieldtrip was at the Georgetown Fire Station. Here he is in the fire truck.

These are some of his friends from Preschool!


Halloween 2009! We went trick or treating around our neighborhood this year.

All the cousins joined us. We had pizza then went out trick or treating. It was cold!